renewed vitality. bursting from bushes viridis. i am on the prowl. ready to pounce. consume. absorb. devour the vastness before me. with every pursuit a chance of hidden pitfalls. threatening my advance. but adapt to the shifting soot underneath my dexterous paws. and the want to hunt will continue. enamored by the charm and magic of sinking in to new prey.

when the world keeps asking you to attend. function. yet sickness has settled. necessary measures are taken. wrap in fierce fleece. gather the tissue fodder. plot pills. all to combat the mucus onslaught. the foggy battle of microscopic gooey soldiers that keeps raging on. blotting out days. consuming. warping hours. where pillows become time machines. and health a sought after ration.

sight lines shift. flowing with the moodiness from life’s erratic nature. hazy one day and brilliantly clear the next. but that horizon. that glow. she is a constant. an energy. a source to tap into. run. dance. soar untethered into. soak every succulent sip of those unrivaled perfectly full days. and hope the next sundown is met with the same intensity.

one foot apprehensively treads before the other. weight is shifted. on to unpredictable planks. the world ahead refocuses. a filter of nerves shades the scene. anxious and excitement bottled under bridges on tracks unknown. entering newness. journeys are walked initially alone. but potential social discoveries populate the path. gaining momentum. forward. awash in a sense of wonder. but mostly nervousness reigns.

with the end of summer drawing near. the sun setting minutes earlier each day. and cooler currents whipping in. a vacay was in order. successfully hijacked this guy (sorry twitterverse for causing such a scare 😉 grabbed essential holiday tools: bundles of yarn, bikini, an adventurous attitude. and relaxed for the last days of the season before the real world takes over.

the sways and sashays of dizzying dying days of summer. heated moments resulting in pendulum moods. that swing from bloated boredom to glowing elation. and twirl back for another round of emotional roulette. where senses are winners. and in the glowing breeze of august. against the crashing contrast. i feel buoyant. airy. swept into the embers of this season’s tumultuous flame. 

my polka dots drain. run. scatter. melting away from my essence. artifacts of creative avenues. once cultivated. giving rise to novel expressions. bubbles of boundless wonders. but now escape in purposeless puddles. helpless against the abyss of loss. the little light left. flooding dark rooms with opportunity. i reach for it. a disoriented damsel. in desperate search for new dotting techniques.

daily internal struggle of contrast. wonderful – dreadful. hideous – attractive. emotional – numb. binary lines of yes and noes. little conflicting mantras. slicing through my psyche. where i lose and find. love and hate. every shadow poised to pin me with negative notions. attempting to overbear the strands of glowing hope. and reign. but light must win. triumph. even when she seems outnumbered.


repetition is life’s practice. an echo of past and future selves. blending together into a form. familiar. residence for this refugee. a space within that welcomes all versions of this traveler. the seeker. the one who resides in between the beams of brick establishments. takes shelter in herself. learns to bend with each new position. and finds harmony in the chaos.


a malleable meadow expanding under each footfall. giving space to grow into uncharted terrain. there is vibrancy in the air. pulsing with the openness of opportunity. here. i begin to walk. finding comfort in ambiguity. saunter into summer skies. spotted with clouds of intrigue. that barely fade before dawn. and provide a pastel palette. free. with which to draw-in the unforeseen.