in the future pink and leather will reign. where foreign fields beg exploring. and bodies move in snazzy sways. a time for reconnecting. with self, sky and others. to break from social orders. and accept what comes my way. a rocketwoman. eagerly donning my helmet. ready to answer the cosmo’s choral calling. and time reminds me to launch now or never.


chaos blows across the plain. miles of mixed up memories behind. ahead full of unanswerable questions. she stands ready. fearless. a faceless warrior bound for parts untold. where the landscape changes on the fly. with no time for nostalgia to catch up. the future rushes forward. rocky and exciting. she braces against the wind. a nonconformist. and takes an open road.


here is my temple. where i build a supportive structure. put in struts. and robust measures. a form free of fears. free to fly. to grow without impediment. a spring cleaning of the vehicle. that facilitates every joyful experience in this life. much needed maintenance. to make this being strong. ensuring these walls can support. withstand. and carry memories to come.


what will you do with those white walls. pristine palettes begging for disruption. a corner can’t contain a bold silk body wrap. that playfully twists. and twirls. to the whimsical rhythm of unseen orchestras. joyous. uncontrolled. fervor. where light silently stops the motion. captures the quirk of self uncontained. revealing shadows that transform into dance partners. and peek outside the sane.


cementing foundations give rise to contortion. being stretched and pulled by delightful challenges. teetering between tipping. points of fulfillment. over done. and never enough. tetrising the ideal way to make all the best bits fit. to find serenity. balance. in the center. where compromising calmness reigns against the chaos. flexibility the greatest ally. and a strong core leads to heightened enlightenment.


come on spring. i’m sick of your colder cousin. you and i have way more fun. we can shed our winter layers. opt for pops of pastels. and conquer the fertile forest. we’ll run around as warmth warriors. spreading your name. and pause to smell all the wild freshness you cater at sundown parties. you are approaching. and i can’t wait.


deep within an overgrown garden. lies a thirsty soul. on the prowl. shadow stalking spring. camouflaged in euphoric fullness of the budding blossoms stemming forth. sights set to pounce. the huntress. consumed with unrelenting hunger for more. more endorphins. more sunshine. hopeful for the continuance of happy highs of now. that will emerge from unaware future prey. she intends to devour.


i am flesh and vulnerable. energetic and strong. a moving form. of expression. shaped by my past. but carving new futures. more than the curves society glaringly points towards. demands. tries to box into boring categories. i am so many things. yet not definable. i am female. but more than gender. than qualifying labels. i am human. an individual. a me.


mr. flu. you are a lover of the worst kind. you come on strong. steamy. but i regret our meeting every moment we are together. ignoring my overt efforts to expel. you cling. with each congested exhale i curse your name. exhausted from our tryst. i thank you for the bouquet of tossed tissues. but it’s time for you to go.


embracing remembrance.┬ánostalgia. wrapped up in the warmth of being surrounded by those that elevate. challenge. make me full. they’re always accessible. those inescapable moments and memories. people and places. energizing experiences. that are forever lodged deep within the impenetrable vault of my heart. a space where life’s soundtrack is laughter. friendships go on without interruption. and epic sunsets never end.