after thirteen years of
i picked this for you
made this for you
let’s see that thing
or try this together
and make something new
our valentine’s day looks like all the other days of
sharing snuggles
while playing adventure games
and laughing at inside jokes
over homemade snacks
with hearts obnoxiously full
of a love
that only we could create

in the stale stillness of winter
she stumbles upon an unexpected explosion
of magic and wonder
where these twinkling pearls of energy
string together a brilliant cacophony of wowment
and vibrantly paint the world in golden light
she is in awe
by this raw power
that flows around and through her
breathing in the dazzling discovery of electrifying elation

hidden defects
and moments
that explode in vibrancy
these unseen energies
locked tightly away
inside this organic creature
that would benefit from a color-coded alert system
green meaning healing but present
red danger lurking
and fuchsia for the fantastic
but alas
our bodies missed the colorful upgrade
and must endure these invisible injuries
with an imaginative sense of wonderment

in a monotone forest
hushed by january’s signature blanket
stands a lone female
whose feathers crystalize
in wintry wind chills
beak rosy with cold
and her talons bitten by frost
in these spirit dampening conditions
she is frozen
transfixed in sunsetting light
but defiant
thawing in this snowy scene
a pink-winged beauty
determined to embark on a frosty flight

through the excavated roots
of yesteryears
she sees layered deposits to overcome
these skeletal hurdles
unveiled vertebrae
that topple in swirling winds
and shape the ambiguous stretch ahead
peering into this portal
a looking glass
at the junction of tumultuous past
and uncertain future
she hunts for rooting
in a space just beyond these familiar fossils
where curiosity reigns

embarking on a journey
with an open heart
and determination
a sunny excursion provides
the passion and prose
to propel her into
an enchanted state
where dialects dictate understanding
cuisines cultivate curiosity
and vistas challenge reality
it is there
on the unwalked path
where novelty and courage collide
into a dizzying joyride
that she solidifies her love
of adventure

every new year begins in a similar space
a zen garden at liquid’s edge
where she returns to water
to the cleansing white-hot sun
and turns within
allowing peace to flow from the dawn
that pierces new light
through her receptive soul
reflecting on the previous twelve
but rejuvenated for the next dozen
and captivated by brilliant possibilities ahead

it’s easy to buy the latest and greatest shiny gifts
but so much sweeter to spend hours baking
with love
crisscrossing strands into unforgettable pieces
with care
absorbing twinkling wintry landscapes
with amazement
sharing smiles and laughter
with those that mean the most
and building a joyous atmosphere
that reminds us the best gifts are found
in the love we share

along the earth’s crust
stands a creature carved from foresight
feminine marble marveling at the
open expanse before her
that beckons to be explored
offering freedom and delight
flight preparation
her wings expand
build under supportive updrafts
that softly cheer her on
she inhales
with a focused aim at the wonders above
and pauses just before lift off