Self Portrait

this road is unwritten
and unfinished
open to the possibilities discovered
on a haphazard layering
of barely stable bricks
that twist and twirl
in any available direction
along this path
led by fearless footfalls
and guided by inner light
providing a platform to search for
the ever elusive enlightenment
on the paving path of boundless wonder
uncovered just ahead

do you see her?

playfully peeking into view

an inquisitive character

who sees all the puzzling pieces life devises

but is blind

to her true self


that core essence she ignores

bottles away

hides behind pretty panes of distractions

and fearfully forgets how to communicate with

her core


cracking the thinly constructed curtains

she peers in

and whispers


it’s the most wonderful time of the year
when the weather is changing
and nasty germs are reigning
there’s a reason to bundle away
it’s the most magical time of this season
when bodies begin aching
and throats start singing
their mucus love songs
it reminds me just how much i love
to avoid
this sickly time of year

in this glinting golden hue
i’m aglow in
at the resulting relief
when tackling indecision
that gluttonously devoured time
and left me lost amongst darkening trees
the calm peace
that washes over my woodland heart
promotes stillness
a chance to breathe
on this empowered renewed trail
ascend and own this decisive path
boldly embarking on the soul work ahead

open from the seams
by this twisted
scattering of mental elastics
she uses to weave all the second-guessing questions
that vine and root
into her everyday
and exhaustively searching for
that concept of contentment known as
the knowledge that the here and now
not the impossibly perfectionist standards
imposed by those deceptive strings
is more than ok

when gravity comes calling
what keeps one from the inevitable
the misshaping force field
that pulls one towards earth
what provides an invisible pillowy parachute
that stalls the fall
and allows an absorbing moment
to hover
offering enough support
to reflect in recline
and float
in this temperate limbo
where one learns to gracefully
surrender to the slow decline

found in contrasting light. through learning loving and sharing. her silly serious self. she flourishes. sharing the most harrowing moments over lemon ginger tea. loving so far that this heart and her hugs span multiple continents. and learning that no matter her age she can still ball up and fit in a hamper. playfully discovering. the ever changing character of she.

when did october arrive. each descending leaf a fallen marker of time’s slippage. cascading their chilly change down upon the unprepared. autumn. burnt umbers fiercely signify fall days. sheepish yellows delicately dance in cooler breezes. and fading greens cave to autumn’s call. they all attempt to mask their shivers in brilliant camouflage. while i cling to the end of brighter days.