Self Portrait

made. on this day. 1985. three plus decades have shaped her figure. chiseled away the extraneous to reveal highlights. taken from lovely bits of different landscapes, faces, and times. sculpting a morphing form. but harbors two constant threads. woven throughout this creature’s composition. a ferocious craving of curiosity. that keeps her exploring more. and gratefulness for the gems discovered along the way.

under hand crafted mementos. and bed head. a shared smile. between misfits. who found complement in each other. strength in numbers. laugh, play, and harmonize with all they have. whose love is reaffirmed in the hardest moments. and breathes in the down times. that devotion. brings back. to keep sorting strange shaped pieces. and form their peculiar puzzle of life.

a dreamy chick soaring in sunshine highs. finds freeing strokes can quickly turn to struggled flits. when the ground grasps at wings. and the air rushes away. she’s fallen. momentarily stricken with gravity. that pulls those cloud-high desires down to reality. sinking into the honey mixture of bitter beginnings and sweet rewards. that come from humility in accepting an imperfect flight.

riding the descend of one moment and the dawn of another. i recognize this repeating pattern. of sweet mixed sadness creating a confused concoction. duplexity. a calm exterior hides my internal unrest. crisscrossing against the grain. those troublesome shadows revel in revealing emotions. hidden under anxious hair play. that sneak to the surface when least expected. and catch me off guard.

there’s this thing called hope. we all get it on occasion. comes out of a kind gesture, word, or view. sinks its unrealistic teeth into one’s subconscious. and leaves its rosy residue behind. embedding. waiting until reality resumes to rekindle that optimistic flame. fire. that burns ahead. alight with potential. promising fortunate futures. for those willing to mix hope with action.

our trees could, should, and may be different. unique forms flourishing from mortared foundations. that expand together. connected. in this breathing forest. where we are individual. but absorb mutual nutrients. united. against the howling winds of judgment. our branches sway in the onslaught of know-it-alls. but they do not break. flexible. with a strong core they stand resolute. and keep extending.

first light of a new year washes ashore. paints my world in blues and golds. dawning. it warms the air, the earth, the developing days. cascades its promising power over this solitary start. where a release from before. and a welcome to the now. collide under cotton puffed skies. present. in the 2017 dawn. i vow to embrace every day to come.

through the distortion. beyond the beguiling comfort of solitary shadows. and above the hibernating soil. falls an aura. casting a glowing sheath of strength. a light that washes away consuming anxiety. offers warmth in negative space. through this illuminated lens. we gain clarity. understanding. how to learn from the dark while maintaining the light. and teeter on the edge of asymmetry.


Holidays are about traditions, laughter, and memories. This year we adopted the Japanese tradition of KFC Christmas chicken. And it brought out our silly side. The little connections that bring us all together are what makes this time of year so magical. Whether you’re celebrating old traditions or making new memories, we hope you all have a wonderful end to a wild year!

i need air. when the to dos and must be dones stack to stifling height. the forest softly beckons. serenity. offers her forever green haven. a succulent snow wonderland. with edges dipped in frozen delicacy. and under these grey weeping skies. all i seek is a moment. a way. to forget the needs of tomorrow. and savor in winter’s frosty delight.