All posts for the month November, 2015


sway to the sea’s symphonic song. in tune with undulating crescendos. her harmony resounds. dance on dunes of sifting silt. that fall fresh with every new tide. and ask balance how do you do. listen for waves. to resonate true direction. while the spirit casts off other tacks. and with breathe. the ever present guide. i create a shape that is new.


disruptive forces prod the inoffensive vegetation. stirring a reaction. emerge. out of the complex core spikes spring forth. prickly and defiant. sculpt a new. more assured structure. emanate in radial patterns. protecting the intricate inner form. they glow hot against the cool surface. jagged with purpose. a warning to predatory beasts. this fortified colony will not be disturbed.


light disintegrates. ticking away. inch by inch. before swallowing energies leave a hopeful glow. sliver reminders that once dreams flourished in this head space. that bobs just above drowning. where unique air grows stale. and motivations shoved aside. a fragment remains. softly whispering forgotten fantasies. while my polka dots bleed into stripes. losing sight of own. and dissolve into others.


a surging gust spreads seeds. feeling. unworthy of the wind’s energy. unsure which emotional parachute to deploy. unable to ignore the anxiety in accommodating fields.┬áthe seedling takes root. in gold capped crops. but sprouts entangled. her wind walking skills undeveloped. dizzy from living. and hiding. simultaneously. balancing on the blade of existence and purpose. where she waits out the wind.


marsh flowers day dream. of waltzing in warm breezes. in endless sun. that lights the path to fantasies that may never come. where passersby linger in their tantalizing fragrance. enchanted by hues of pinks and plums. alluring petals unable to ignore. and pluck them off to exciting unseen shores. leaving for the next weed walker. bundles of eager starry-eyed blossoms dreaming more.


words choked back. clogged. stuffed down by imposing forces. the world demands a brave facade. while the unspoken stormily torments inside. they come surfacing. longing to be heard. to be free. only to be clipped by cupped hands. silenced by ridiculous circumstance. but there may come a chance. a time. when these words can carry out their fight song. 


divergence. a fracture lies ahead. splitting choices into infinite futures. but the thicket blocks these potential connections. one can stall. stand idle with indecision. await the flood of forced decisions. and never know. or step into the viney wonders of entangled chaos that a forest provides. open. full of inquisitive breath. ready to walk a path. discover its possibilities. and live.