All posts for the month December, 2015


found at the end. a point leads back to here. to balance. to one. straddle over rubble of exhausted experiences. seismic foundation. a malleable form. crevasses overflow opportunity. to shape shores in unique structures. resolute. in power and strength. against an onslaught of crushing and caressing waves. that have swept away sandcastles. awaiting new year’s dawn. where we will build again.


unnoticed embankments hold the ghosts of ancient forests. where fibrous forms splinter fertile lands. enriching past deposits. displaying their roots. amalgamate. create rejuvenating elixirs. to fuel a fracture plan. survey. dissection of branches that lead here. the gnarled entanglement. a decomposing figurine. tucked in a trunk of calendar rings. inside this fallen pillar of forgotten. a momentary capsule among the ruins.


boggled. how something so slight can weigh one down. cement. prevent a flight. anchor into melancholy. a little mistimed sail. and the vessel stalls. falls. sinks to the hombre embers of decaying skies. where looming darkness waits to lure her deeper. away from the brilliance beyond. she pleads with candy colored clouds. for a lift. out of stressful streams. an up.


fluid meets solid. to tango in harmonious union. convergence. resulting in a spectrum of saturation. the warmth that arises. from a full form. complete by day’s end. a blanketed glow emanating from within. swells to embody. devour the darkness. no wants. no jealousies. no negatives. a beacon broadcasting eros to receivers. only energy. brilliance. light. can be felt on these shores.


primal. the urge to expand. tap in to ancient tools. nestled under the thinking. skills laced on genes. providing foundations for undiscovered futures. knit together. earth and atmosphere. an enchanting marriage that sirens the thirsty traveler deep inside. the one that drives adrenaline-filled vehicles. plays precarious pastimes. says go go go. and wings unfurl. chest opens. to unleash the wild within.


pause on silken seas. a quiet energy expands. surging underneath. in between the soft points of connection. senses. highs and lows. swirling in chaotic rhythm. all to be ignored for this present. this haze. awareness turns to the small. the delicate. the post and pre of motivated days to come. while the heart thrums in anticipation. for contact.


soaring over seas. my wings have turned dusty. crumbling. tumbling. falling from flying feats. to a narrow bridge of safety. humbled. by the nature of time long lost. where practice sets to zero. and heights harder to reach. below. more room to wreck. above. endless currents to navigate. dejectedly i comb my quills. for the next swell of sail or sink.


inside the root. twisting. growing. absorbing lively nutrients from unlikely sources. that culminate into a singular complexion. one of miss and redirects. a viney being. lithe with pleasure. strong but supple. she stands unswept in chaotic storms. an unbreakable core. balanced by branching desires. of the exotic mundane. and each moment a new bud is added. to the sprouting nature beyond.