All posts for the month January, 2016


the horizon awaits my ready soul. a tentative connection. promising in its appearance. but fragile in the core. still structurally developing. building. storing life deposits into a strand. a delicate dna. that extends endlessly. over fractal waves. that simultaneously pull to push away. where swirling sands of our shores meet. and the sky paints the memory of today. in glowing union.


flanked by blues and gold. a filter crisscrossed with course lines. stretched to reach. to touch. skin. connective tissue encapsulating a dispersed world. sectioning life landscapes. a screen transparent. semi. built to diffuse. responsibilities for tomorrow. soften contorted figurines. distance alluring curious minds to enter. invite. immerse in the glow provided by now. and dare to discover behind the luminous wall.


when flight is no longer an option. limbs sore with life. landing a necessary juxtaposition. perch. tuck in wings. bring the heavens indoors. and steady in cherished nests. rejuvenating respites on convoluted contrails. that mark love. along a continuous trail. of animal tendencies. masked by social norms. where the creature within is never far from surface. plumage poised. alert. ready to caw.


on tender grounds. tucked along unplotted paths. hidden within a hyper landscape. there lies a grounding boulder. providing a prop to pose. to explore postures. an oasis. sanctuary. seclusion to practice self love. decode concealed secrets. twist. that open joints of breath. stillness. and insight. a peaceful grove. with stirring energy. of inner power. beauty. and exposing patterns all her own.


will evaporates into cumulonimbus. the grey cracks. as abandoned plans puddle into flooding streets. held captive. oblique. fascinated by soul sucking droplets. trickling depression down window panes. symphonic clear spheres of depleting energy. that ratta tat tat their gloomy. chilly. lonely songs. of wintry days. that demand steamy combatants. but hardly ward off the unforgiving bleak sky that looks on.