All posts for the month February, 2016


embracing remembrance.┬ánostalgia. wrapped up in the warmth of being surrounded by those that elevate. challenge. make me full. they’re always accessible. those inescapable moments and memories. people and places. energizing experiences. that are forever lodged deep within the impenetrable vault of my heart. a space where life’s soundtrack is laughter. friendships go on without interruption. and epic sunsets never end.


melt into a recliner of moody monotony. where grey skies linger. and woeful love songs syrup-coat the air. wistfully wishing out windows for thrills. for boredom’s kryptonite. blind to accomplishment’s highs. procrastinate again. allowing blue hues to dominate. but open. vulnerable. inviting intriguing forces to lean in. the neck awaits a bite. to sink in. and bring me back to life.


years result in a breathing sculpture. chiseled from fibrous inflammation. torn. achy. swollen with the juices of fulfillment. every twinge a reminder. a demand. to rest. but that shadowy temptress of fun keeps calling. with her hypnotic patterns. and high flying tricks. she wont be denied. she knows the rhythm of more. so feign reluctance. give in. and rest another day.


the cold. inescapable. the air. trapping. the light. diffused. in this quiet snow globe. but pink and pattern interject the grayness. a vibrant figurine dropped inside a snowstorm. toes tingling on a white blanket. adhered to the frozen forest floor. she absorbs. the difficulty for lively movement. in muted woods. hears the familiar music box wind. and prepares to dance on.





stalling within high contrast. a shadow spine. a column. facets linked the length of being. dangling a form of consciousness. aware. in sun beam slices there is momentary warmth. pilings of fleeting feel-goods. that drive back the chill of indirection and blue. each new endeavor gives rise to rebuild survival scaffolding. and explore what new structure can persevere in the darkness.


rise from ash. empowered. capable of cresting hurdles. that obstruct new horizons. and attempt confining harassment. but flimsy blockades fail. their stronghold fading in contrast to the beckoning beyond. prevail. with bold strokes stitching together a landscape of freedom. of openness. without walled eyes. where brilliance is a color. and illuminating pink promises await daredevils. unafraid to make a faithful leap.