All posts for the month October, 2016


she flies from one role to the next. artist. lover. protector. with every encounter adding new skills to her utility belt. this multitasking super heroine thrives in exhaustion. puzzles the pieces of daily compromise. but finds time to hang her cape. momentarily. relax in comforting concoctions. and rejuvenate in stormy sunsets. knowing that tomorrow will call for her ample abilities again.


we each have a path. it twists and winds and spills forth. intertwining with other trails. at times easily swept into the draining effort of comparison. her leaves are thicker. his fruit more vibrant. but those false values hold one back. limit the growth of our own grove. for this journey is our own. sacred. and ripe for every unique bloom.


she’s blended background. tangled twisted metal. unsorted and lost. trapped in restless lack of energy. depression. shoots from the shadows. piercing the remnants of golden hours. skewering those caught in its steely trail. she sinks. further from the day. into a lackluster night. not quite despair. limbo. she knows dawn will come. but this hour she’s a silhouette. begging for light.


were you lost. in the madness of mundane. here we forget. and manifest. this way. to that sacred space. a path twists ahead. join us. the coquettish dreamers tiptoeing through provocative vines. we whisper desires. seedlings that root and flourish in the mystic. adding depth to our play. as we find enchantment. and each other. in a labyrinth of golden cascades.