All posts for the month December, 2016

through the distortion. beyond the beguiling comfort of solitary shadows. and above the hibernating soil. falls an aura. casting a glowing sheath of strength. a light that washes away consuming anxiety. offers warmth in negative space. through this illuminated lens. we gain clarity. understanding. how to learn from the dark while maintaining the light. and teeter on the edge of asymmetry.


Holidays are about traditions, laughter, and memories. This year we adopted the Japanese tradition of KFC Christmas chicken. And it brought out our silly side. The little connections that bring us all together are what makes this time of year so magical. Whether you’re celebrating old traditions or making new memories, we hope you all have a wonderful end to a wild year!

i need air. when the to dos and must be dones stack to stifling height. the forest softly beckons. serenity. offers her forever green haven. a succulent snow wonderland. with edges dipped in frozen delicacy. and under these grey weeping skies. all i seek is a moment. a way. to forget the needs of tomorrow. and savor in winter’s frosty delight.


drifting through the celestial seas. i’m a contented captain. when unforseen gusts appear. invade. steer.¬†twist. and turn me midstride. pull one way. push the next. pinning limb to sky. leaving imprints. forms. of my evolving shapes. the frustrations. nuanced annoyances. that build on those hair-in-the-face days. test one’s resolve. and ask where can you find breath. in deceptive blue skies.


after too many colorless sailing days. a swell of gold highlights harbor. ahoy. i have landed. washed up on familiar shores. with boulders built from eroded memories. to rediscover lost loves that were always there. guides. faintly fizzing in crashing waves. waiting to carry me back. willing. across the stress seas. to exciting uneven ground. that induce the need for ready.