All posts for the month August, 2017

avoidance built these walls. sediment layers of rocky indecision. of put off emotions compressing and suppressing. have hardened into this greywacke womb. a forgotten structure. entombing truth from light. swallowed. a perfectly preserved jewel. hidden deep within its hollow. aware but unheard by her maker. she silently sits in growing impatience. aching. to excavate from the consuming shadow. and be resolved.

amidst the jumbled bamboo order grows a twisty tree. invasive. carving its unique shape against the dense crisscross jungle. steadily striving for space in the chaos. its roots are deep. protective. hindering of a forming fruit. they slowly envelop the bright bud. rosin. who begs release. dreams of splintering forces. facilitating her branch off. and freedom down a gnarly unknown path.