All posts for the month October, 2017

found in contrasting light. through learning loving and sharing. her silly serious self. she flourishes. sharing the most harrowing moments over lemon ginger tea. loving so far that this heart and her hugs span multiple continents. and learning that no matter her age she can still ball up and fit in a hamper. playfully discovering. the ever changing character of she.

confusion against cumulus forms. confine. entangled in delusion. these layers of thinly veiled critiques. that constrict. bind. warp and weave a web of growing weight. that’s sewn into every moment. and covering the truth in unrealistic aspirations. this deceptively strong silk. i hope it can fray. in billowing winds of renewed determination. unravel. and find peace with what is revealed beneath.

(Photo credit: @dreamsonstrike)

when did october arrive. each descending leaf a fallen marker of time’s slippage. cascading their chilly change down upon the unprepared. autumn. burnt umbers fiercely signify fall days. sheepish yellows delicately dance in cooler breezes. and fading greens cave to autumn’s call. they all attempt to mask their shivers in brilliant camouflage. while i cling to the end of brighter days.