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  1. Thanks for posting your pictures. I’ve been following both of your stories for a while and hope things can be resolved positively in your direction.

  2. Perfect shadow, this one is really awesome. I thought what if you crop it to just your face, like a large portrait.
    Very nice indeed, best wishes.

    • Thanks D. I’ll try playing with some tight shots. Tend to shoot wide angle and forget about how nice a detailed portrait can be ;D

  3. I wish best for you and ES , ma’am.
    I don’t know if you have been here but come to India. We say “athithi devo bhava” meaning guests are like gods. 🙂
    The national emblem says “satyameva jayate” that in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages of world, means TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPHS.


    • Truth always triumphs indeed! Would love to make it to India. One day! ☀ sending positive energy your way.

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