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  1. so gorgeous . . . your love reverberates out through the net and lands in our own hearts . . . thank you thank you as always for sharing your love and your stories . . . smooches! πŸ™‚

    • Thank YOU for always being a positive supporter. Hope your day, week, year has been full of love ??

  2. It wasn’t hard to see (‘Snowden’ film).
    You really loved him and changed him for the better…common good.

    • People are shaped by their relationships and experiences. I’m thankful for all the pieces that I’ve helped make and for all the factors that have made me. Glad you enjoyed the film. Stay positive in this world β˜€?

    • Aw thank you, Cay! Your support and kindness is much appreciated. We are well and hope the same for you β˜€βœŒ

  3. It’s truly amazing to see you and Ed happy! I hope the happiness between you two lasts for many years to come! It’s well deserved!

    And this may be the only way/opportunity to thank you and Ed for being true American Patriots. So I would like to say thank you on behalf of all grateful Americans for the sacrifices made.

    You both are both poster children for selfless service! You have both sacrificed so much for the better good of the nation and I can only hope that one day, you can return to the life you two choose to have rather than the life you were forced to have for standing up for your fellow citizens.

    Last time I checked, A Government has an obligation to the people. Not the other way around. But what do I know?

    Best Wishes!

    Hoc Defendam

    • Thank you fellow citizen for the support! We are doing well and appreciate your kind comment. I definitely agree with your definition of government, so I’d say you know a thing or two ;] Keep being a strong and active voice in this world!β˜€

  4. I have watched your film “Snowden” 4 times now. There is so very much more yet to be told. I pray for you both often. Thank you so much for your incredible sacrifice for the benefit of all American citizens. You are a beautiful couple. You are my HERO!

    • Glad you enjoyed the movie, Barbara! And thank you for the support. Stay bold and beautiful β˜€βœŒ

  5. What a beautiful couple! I loved the movie Snowden!! What a brace man!! Best of love & happiness to you both ❀❀

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