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  1. awwww so sweet – happy bday beautiful L! (mine was the 16th – hello aquarian sis 🙂 hope yours was filled with all sorts of lovely chilling and sun rays and dancing and a little wine at noon with friends 🙂

    • Happy belated birthday Aquarian sister ? it wasn’t the best day (as I was sick), but could always be worse ? Hope your special day was magical and glorious!

  2. You fit in this world and in your skin.
    Just my impression.
    Anyways, we all have to try and be in tune with life in our own different ways. There is no different option.
    And yet life is an incredible, free and priceless gift.

    Beautiful array of colors.

    Didn’t know it was your birthday.
    Keep going.

  3. Whatever has happened to you lately, know that it has made you into a top photographer. I too am in the midst of gossip, some good and some bad, and it is very hard. I really think you should have a show. I especially like the one with the balloons. Happy belated birthday! Do you want me to throw your tarot cards? My present to you:)

    • Thank you my dear ?✌☀ in those struggling times I like to remember that it can always get worse and everything passes with time. Stay strong against the gossip current. And id love a tarot reading ?

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