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  1. yes . . . yes . . so beautiful . . . that full wattage tunnel of hope . . . on wings of breath . . . it’s 1:32 outside my window . . . likely it is night where you are . . . and we communicate because of this liminal space you’ve created with your heart and mind and willingness and lovely full spectrum creativity . . . thank you thank you for creating art . . . and sharing your hope 🙂

    • Always humbled and blown away by your loving support. Thank you thank you thank you ☀ How is art coming along in your world?

  2. A scary zone for me. Don’t want to be touched on that part of my body.
    The Dutch language discriminates between the front of the neck (hals) and the back of the neck (nek): halssnoer (necklace with the connotation of strangling, hanging or beheading, especially with a guillotine)

    Keep breathing my dear. You can’t really stop it.

  3. 9:26 pm

    Come to think of it: There is the word ‘throat’ (feels more like breathing or singing) and there is a ‘choker’ (a tight necklace with many big beads or maybe/possibly a different model) too, I guess.

    I may sound like a pedantic stinker. Sorry

    • Nah, you’re exploring! I encourage exploration in whatever form suits you ?☀

  4. In Dutch (again!) a boastful, self-important person has a ‘fat neck’ (dikke nek)

    Yours is a white swan’s/ballerina neck.This brings me to a childhood (summer 1969) memory: I was swimming (doggy paddle) in the Thames (Oxford), close to the muddy bank of the river.
    A threatening white, mad swan, wings wide open, sped up to me, hissing her fiery threats. And there, I sped up the muddy and grassy bank. No consequences, only relief.

    Beautiful photo! My last comment for the day; finally!

    • Must watch out for those swans and their fiery threats! ?? lovely written anecdote ?

  5. your work is an inspiration! you inspired me to continue my little passion of photography.
    you and shailene are just.. WOW

    I say the name of shailene because of the snowden movie. you are someone that look strong, gentle and artistic 🙂

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