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  1. yes . . . yes . . . my puppy woodrow and weaselly felines malcolm, emmaline, baby wallace . . . ripe strawberries eaten right off the vine . . . sunlight on summer-craving skin . . . magic flows of cash . . . the surprise and delight of life that always brings the exact movement at the exact right time . . . purple and green together . . . adventures with deeply philosophical friends . . . friends who’ve never really met but recognize each other as tribe by the sworn dedication to the undercurrent of goodness and All Is Well . . . and creativity . . . that always flowing current of creation . . .

  2. :D:D:D

    Looks like real fun. Wonderful pic!

    Here in Lebanon, NH, USA: Still freezing; gorgeous sunshine; boots; sweaters; hats + great fun racing downhill [with my super-heavy Surly Ogre (?!) bike, loaded with 2 full saddle(?) bags full of groceries.] The joys of gravity!!

    A really beautiful sight: Dancing Bluebird and its sharp shadow on the beach

  3. Beautiful metaphor about life and moods.
    I hope to be able to seize a balloon when it rises at this moment of doubts.
    Thank you for these colors Lindsay πŸ™‚
    Greetings to Ed.

    • There are always balloons to be found in moments of doubt.(I need to remind myself of that too ;))

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