when did october arrive. each descending leaf a fallen marker of time’s slippage. cascading their chilly change down upon the unprepared. autumn. burnt umbers fiercely signify fall days. sheepish yellows delicately dance in cooler breezes. and fading greens cave to autumn’s call. they all attempt to mask their shivers in brilliant camouflage. while i cling to the end of brighter days.


swing starts tend to be the hardest part on this emotional arch. slow kicks. turn into running curves. into striding strokes. until a rhythm forms. extending. the bottom lasts but a brief moment. pendulate. before momentum swings us through. and exposes higher heights. where peeking vistas fleetingly come into view. floating. in that perfect peak. atop the ever swinging moody arch.

found in a decaying wood. a fragile flowering fern. with outstanding foliage. whose rare redness isolates her from the forest. a perennial. secluded in arboreous shelter. overshadowed by the crowded canopy. engulfed. but continues colorful emissions. a persistent breed. that in spite of her bristly circumstance. she remains. tucked away. finding respite in empty hollows. and anticipating the next creative bloom.

only the courageous dare. to rebelliously defy the expectations of others. dodge shift and twist reality to their own. reshape what is and what can be. while daring to dream of the impossible. whimsical. manifesters who creatively play with the notion what’s next. and spin in dawning light. for in sunny side beams. on unexpectedly good days. their visions are born.

when the walls of disillusion and despair slowly shatter. dissolve. melt from a passionate heat. the heart is left open. sensitive. able to absorb healing energy fed into it. a budding star. nurtured by surrounding suns and emanating raw emotion. that builds to an explosion. supernova. a radiating chest cavity of love. who finds fullness in the journey of delving discovery.

a dotted matrix of endless avenues at her back. sharp shadows striating across the bow. her vessel rocks in sunlit waves. and she is peacefully poised in contrast. pensive. looking outward for answers to obligations and distractions that await her presence beyond the slatted shield. when the inward cries out. gently. offering a hopeful mantra. one’s needs can be found. within.


on a crumbling cliff side. where transparent coverings barely contain her turmoil. and float in the wind. momentarily exposing these daily demons. that compose a mountainous mindset. too steep to traverse most days. but loom in every background. daunting. this edge. of true reflection and fun house distortions. that challenge her to hike beyond mental mountains. and live fully. veil free.

these light falls. cast reminders of long drawn lazy days. that feel never ending until the days bolt by in their hundred year dash. and one wonders where the missed opportunities went. how we got here. chaotic crusaders. constantly contorting under time constraints. where the tiniest tick will topple balance. tock to imbalance. and we sometimes struggle to juggle it all.


avoidance built these walls. sediment layers of rocky indecision. of put off emotions compressing and suppressing. have hardened into this greywacke womb. a forgotten structure. entombing truth from light. swallowed. a perfectly preserved jewel. hidden deep within its hollow. aware but unheard by her maker. she silently sits in growing impatience. aching. to excavate from the consuming shadow. and be resolved.

amidst the jumbled bamboo order grows a twisty tree. invasive. carving its unique shape against the dense crisscross jungle. steadily striving for space in the chaos. its roots are deep. protective. hindering of a forming fruit. they slowly envelop the bright bud. rosin. who begs release. dreams of splintering forces. facilitating her branch off. and freedom down a gnarly unknown path.